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We Are Sky Devil Wines

We believe in high performing teams and the intrinsic value of work – in doing what we enjoy, sweating the details, and letting the results speak for themselves.  We believe in staying up late, waking up early, and enjoying the journey. We believe in trusting each other, avoiding judgement, and taking time to enjoy life’s gifts.  We believe hard problems can be solved by family and friends working together – sitting around a table, sharing a meal...sharing wine.  Talking...listening.  We believe that the easy way is rarely the right way.

Perhaps most importantly, we believe in celebrating life’s great moments...the big and little victories that make us each who we are.

Because this is what we believe, a major portion of Sky Devil’s revenue is committed to funding projects in support of high performing Veterans as they seek to enrich their own communities through their own unique passions...sharing what they believe with the world. 

Faithfully produced with an eye on what we believe, Sky Devil’s inaugural release 100% Cabernet Sauvignon hails from Reisacher Vineyards, Knights Valley, Sonoma County, California.

Jeff Goldberg and Matt Vogt, Founders

Turning a Dream into Reality

We believe in excellence, the value of service, and in chasing dreams. The F4-U Corsair, a legendary WWII fighter plane beloved by its pilots and ground crews alike, symbolizes the high performing nature of our team. With a shared history in military aviation, we founded Sky Devil Wines on the notion that no one should ever stop climbing in pursuit of a dream. Our goal is twofold: deliver a complex, full-bodied 100% Cabernet Sauvignon to those who enjoy great wine and inspire people to pursue something meaningful. To this end, Sky Devil Wines serves others by giving a portion of its revenue to veterans in pursuit of a dream.

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